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Birthday Reminder
Posted on: March 7, 2021, at 07:51:55pm

This random thought will serve as a reminder to myself of what I must do on August 16th 2021, my 18th birthday.

Reminder to make Slashmaid (not instrumental) the most played song in FFR. Or atleast play it for the entire day.

  1. doo doo fart

  2. Fun guessing game, guess how many Slashmaid runs I will do on my birthday (2021). Prizes will be the following
    1st: MyCredits * (|attempts - guess|/25+1)^-1
    2nd: MyCredits * (|attempts - guess|/25+1)^-1 * 1/2
    3rd: MyCredits * (|attempts - guess|/25+1)^-1 * 1/4
    If guesses are the same distance from the real value whoever guessed first gets the higher placement. (All guesses must be summited prior to August 16th 2021)