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He/him I'm a penguin currently doing grad school in math/CS stuff. I can be a bit shy, but feel free to message me if you'd like to chat! Discord (benguin#2966)
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Posted on: October 5, 2014, at 02:25:41am   [1 comment]
Might as well.
Current Division: D5

Round 1:
D1: AAA (SR)
D2: AAA (SR)
D3: AAA (SR)
D4: 2-0-0-1 -> AAA (3 attempts)
D5: AAA (45 attempts)
D6: 9-1-2-4 (10 attempts)
D7: 22-2-11-8 (4 attempts)

Thoughts on Charts/Songs: The jump from D2 to D3 felt quite noticeable tbh. The D4 song is hilarious...chart was fun too. D5 chart was a little rough for me...took me a little while to get rid of enough rust to do the JS in the beginning and a little grunt work to get the awkwardness in the 2nd half down. D6 and D7 file was fun to play...I felt like I could actually play them somewhat which is a good sign since we'll be playing difficult files if I continue to make it in D5. Till next time!
Posted on: July 21, 2014, at 02:24:12am   [1 comment]
That's random thought worthy right?
Posted on: December 24, 2013, at 07:04:03am   [1 comment]
This is my dream log. This random thought will always contain the most recent dream log entry. The rest can be found here:

9/21/14: So I'm in this spy/criminal investigation world. I'm in a high school near the lockers looking for clues. I find a latch on one of the lockers and hit it and that latch opened the locker above it. Yes! I've unlocked a locker. The locker is way over my head but I can still place my hands into it and feel inside. I feel some envelopes and pull them out. By what's written on the envelopes, it was clear that this was top secret information. I look behind me and I see a camera man. This was my chance to be in the paper for having found a clue in an investigation. I smile for the camera man with his poloroid camera and he takes the shot which causes a poof of magical dust to come out of the camera. The dust ball slowly moves towards my face until it slams into it and poofs away. At that moment, I visualize what the paper will look: I'm on the front cover of a black-and-white newspaper making my goofy face while holding the envolopes with the heading in big bold letters saying "SCANDALOUS".

Afterwards, I begin to listen in on a conversation nearby. "Oh, did you hear of that guy that has a mustache that wraps around his head like a rubber band? They call him Red Bandaid." I was confused, I perhaps get the "band" part since it wraps around his head like a rubber band but the "red" and "aid" part makes no sense. I wanted to ask them why he was called that but I felt like might be one of those things that are obvious to everyone but me so instead I ask, "Oh, is he dangerous?" I figured Red Bandaid sounds like some gang name or something, idk. The woman replies, "Yes! Very much so! I'm afraid that he might be in this supermarket." (The setting had changed to a supermarket without me noticing because that's how dreams work).

Then, I hear a police officer speaking over his walkie-talkie dispatcher thingy: "We have a Code Red Bandaid. I repeat, Code Red Bandaid." Shortly after, the supermarket's alarms sound off along with flashing red lights and one can hear the PA system repeating in a monotanous voice: "Code Red Bandaid. Code Red Bandaid." Everyone screams and runs, looking for a place to hide. I too decide to find a place to hide so I begin running down one of the aisles. There is a man in front of me that is running extremely slow, so I ask him, "Excuse Sir, I mean fucking idiot, could you hurry up?" The man begins to run faster; however, all of a sudden I feel someone grab me around my waist. I look up at the man and notice he has a red shirt and has a mustache that wraps around his was Red Bandaid. The "Red" part in his name at least makes sense now.

He drags me out from the aisle to the edge of the supermarket where the dairy and cheese stuff is. I begin screaming and shouting, asking for help. However, nobody bothers to help me because they are too busy running away from Red Bandaid. We approach the corner of the supermarket where I see my housemate Stephanie (she was buying veggies) and I notice a banana peel on the tile floor. I try to swing my body weight towards the banana peel hoping that Red Bandaid will slip on the banana peel like they do in cartoons but he managed to avoid the banana peel entirely.

I begin to think that this would be a great entry in my dream log. I then realize that if I'm thinking that this would make for a great entry in my dream log, then I must be dreaming. Oh shi-

I then wake up in my house. But I'm not really awake, although I believe I am. I was really upset that my dream ended. I was hoping that after I realized I was dreaming, the dream could continue and interesting things would happen. Anyways, I walk into the kitchen and see my housemates and my sister. I notice that the place is trashed; there was a 21st birthday party the night before and it was quite a rager (this had actually happened irl the night before). In this dream, I am under the notion that my sister, myself, and my mom and her boyfriend are living in the house. Mom and her boyfriend haven't come home yet but I knew I would be in so much trouble from my mom's boyfriend when they did come home. They came home. Jason was really pissed, "You and your sister are grounded: you are not allowed to leave the house." My mom was arguing with Jason asking to be more reasonable. I was thinking, "I am a 21 year old adult, this is ridiculous." Out of anger, I go into the elevator (which only exists in my dream, not the house irl) and head down.

I walk into this mall environment. In the distance I see a guy in the spot light. He claps twice and then the whole stage in front of him I walk by this group of little tahitian girls doing some tribal flute perforamce. They are all dressed up in traditional tahitian attire. I guess it was a mall performance. I was thinking to myself, "but it's Monday...shouldn't these girls be in school? Maybe they are like 3 years old or something. In that case...damn they are good for their age."

By the tahitian girls was this humungous curtain draped near the side of them, it was about 20 feet by 20 feet. There was a single figure on it that spanned the entire curtain, it looked like cavemen drew except it was a little cute looking as if one of these girls had drew it. It caveman-looking drawing was made using what looked like glow-in-the-dark paint which made since this area was a bit dark, with almost an eerie atmosphere. There was this giant fan thing behind the curtain that caused it to toss and turn and ripple and what not, it was rather amusing.

Anyways, I continue to walk until I find myself in this area with multiple elevators. There are these 2 ridiculous people filming some weird abstract video art. I didn't care, I got in the shot because I needed to get into the elevator. The creepy camera guy folllows me as I walk into the elevator even filming into the crack as the elevator closed. The elevator closed on my fingers though and I shouted, "oww, my fingers, my fingers!" The elevator eventually opened. The man that the camera man was filming walked into the elevator, I realize that he looks awfully familiar. The elevator begins to rise. This elevator was awfully small, we were literally smushsed against each other, him standing on the left side and me standing on the right. There was no room in front or to the back of us. It was like the world's smallest elevator. It made me a little uncomfortable. The man asks, "Can we go to my place so I can throw up all over you?" Very confused and worried, I ask, "Why?" He says, "Because...I am Red Bandaid" and he tickles me to death.
Posted on: June 23, 2013, at 07:42:19am   [5 comments]
Have at it for all you peeps that like to post anonymously :P
Posted on: April 15, 2013, at 01:00:57pm   [2 comments]
?-(4/15/2013): Yes, I do suck (n)>
(4/15/2013)-(4/20/2013): TWO TRAINS REMAINING
(4/20/2013)-(4/22/2013): Best File: Jamie's Ducks
(4/22/2013)-(4/25/2013): TENNIS SHOES REMAINING
(4/25/2013) - (5/2/2013): TEN ISSUES REMAINING
(5/2/2013) - (5/24/2013): ~kAwAiI hAwAiI~ (✿◠‿◠)
(5/25/2013) - (7/26/2013): Cocoa Nuts
(7/26/2013) - (8/4/2013): Blurry McFlurry
(8/4/2013) - (1/20/2014): Yohoho
(1/20/2014) - (6/25/2014): (cake)>
(6/25/2014) - (10/19/2014): their music is a song
(10/19/2014) - (1/11/2015): Be Positive
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Zapmeister writes at 8:04:56pm on 11/11/20
hey. suspended your ask me anything account (benguino). do you have any idea when or why that happened? i'm guessing it's because they didn't like the detailed three-part response about kidnapping someone's children and turning them into an external hard drive, but i don't know. do you still have your amazing answer to that particular question lying around somewhere, and if so, could you send them to me please? thanks
ULTIMEGA writes at 2:12:14am on 10/9/20
Reuben, old friend! Long time, no see!
badman7772 writes at 8:30:19pm on 8/4/20
its the non-shiny piplup~
xBBx Takedown writes at 5:01:20am on 3/26/20
Hey bud. Hope all is well!
SpaceGorilla writes at 9:23:22am on 1/26/20
love you bro
Antori writes at 5:11:38pm on 4/22/19
kostkaskater writes at 11:43:26pm on 1/26/19
you played pita 20,000 times? what was that like?
emanfrazier writes at 9:22:24pm on 1/11/19
dude, love the profile pic. <3
minble writes at 8:02:21am on 12/24/18
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, thanks.
Antori writes at 8:10:00am on 12/11/18
you're like ben shapiro but for tourneys instead