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you! <3
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i love that heavy metal stuff that you can play air guitar to.
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Posted on: August 14, 2011, at 01:35:14am   [4 comments]
yo. i started ffr seven years ago in '05, back when i was seven. as pitiful as that sounds, i'm still not good at this game whatsoever and therefore should be taken lightly when battling with in multiplayer. ):

i couldn't care less about who you are or where you live. if we haven't carried on a conversation that has lasted over five minutes, i refuse to add you as a friend. (sup dossar) i really don't want my friend list cluttered with random people, but if you're willing to establish a friendship with me then i am all game. ^__^

"why is your comment wall disabled?"
no, it's not because i like my profile clean. if we're going to talk, i'd rather not do it over 1.8 million people because that's really creepy. PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO TALK. i like the idea of that more (:

hateandhatred est mon grand frere. je t'adore beaucoup <3