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I used to play a lot until they shut the site down for like a year. I'm so grateful it's back up.
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Cholleypocket writes...
at 6:24:43pm on 6/8/12
i challenge you to a multiplayer showdown
EmmyBeee writes...
at 9:18:03am on 5/13/12
I'll play whenever you want :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:47:32pm on 5/12/12
Lol I'm barely on my computer, I usually just check my email and come on this site for a little because I'm trying not to get addicted to the internet :p Plus it's finally getting warmer so I'r rather be outside than anything :)
EmmyBeee writes...
at 7:27:30pm on 4/24/12
Maybe I will :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:17:34pm on 4/17/12
I'll play multiplayer once in awhile :p And I don't have an account with wahtever it was you asked about lol
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:11:35pm on 4/14/12
Haha well thanks but let's not take things out of proportion, I'm just an average girl going to college, I'm no rocket scientist or brain surgeon lol :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 3:42:44pm on 4/13/12
Wow nice:) Keep up your hard work and it will pay off!! Whichever direction you choose, just keeep in mind that if you can get a job in that field it usually pays pretty well :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 4:58:52pm on 4/12/12
Ummm they're actually really similar but if you want to get technical, administration has a stronger focus on implementing ideas/techniques into the business hence the "administer" part and management incorporates each and every factor that contributes to a business's outcome A.K.A. managing money, materials, marketing, etc. Hope that helps :) I'm not always the greatest at explaining lol
EmmyBeee writes...
at 2:31:02pm on 4/11/12
Oh god lol, well to be honest a lot of it has to do with math/formulas and I'm also taking a class on business strategies as well as marketing. All in all it can best be summed up as "Learn equations/techniques that will yield the greatest profit and develop a means of marketing/advertising your business to help it grow and remain successful. Aside from the formulas, I'd say the rest could be considered common sense, or at least that's how I see it lol :p
EmmyBeee writes...
at 5:09:06pm on 4/10/12
Real world = blahhhhh :p And this game is really addicting lol, I know I'm wierd but oh well :)
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