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Posted on: July 21, 2021, at 09:46:19pm

Hello again everybody.

I'm going to be honest and say IDK how to start this RT but I'm going to lay it out on the table. The phone call that I just got done with prior to making this RT is making my blood boil and I am physically shaking while writing this.

Well what happened has drained what fun I could have possibly had left for rhythm gaming PERIOD. THERE IS NO FUCKING REDEEMING THIS EVER. Out of all my years of doing this never would I have thought what I have just been informed of would happen.

I was just called by my friends Julian and Nathan(yes that Nathan) to tell me that my other friend Alex was in the hospital after attempting suicide. That was already bad enough but what I would be told via both this phone call and on discord is enough to make me go into a violent rage and lose all self control I have.

Nathan in this phone call told me that 2 members of my local dance game circle (who I wasn't on the best terms with for a different reason but was trying to work it out with them) went behind my back to basically every mutual community that we share and either tried to get me kicked out or messaged someone and started a smear campaign.

This then lead to various KITG guys(as well as other ITG players from my understanding) and a few toxic clone hero people to go after Alex which then lead to him cutting himself in the bathtub.

IDK his current state but IK that he is in fact alive and for whoever was involved in this incident I will make sure to take whatever action I can take with you. As of now I'm fucking done with Rhythm games and from here on out there will be no more mention of them.

To those that out there I may have disappointed I'm sorry but this is goodbye.

I have witnessed the dark.
The light has befallen upon the cave of which I have fallen.
I have Arisen.
To strike fear into the hearts into the ones of which cannot fight the long and drawn out battles.


  1. Hey kantana, its me legoalvin from the ffr discord server. I know that you quit rhythm games but I hope that you're fine and alright.

  2. :( hope you are alright man.