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Posted on: May 23, 2021, at 10:44:49pm

I'd just like to take a moment and say that I'm not coming back full time but a friend convinced me to part time come back to rhythm games.

2 friends to be more correct here,

The first is Deskrot who messaged me on discord after seeing the original RT and wanted to talk a few things over with me. Well after we discussed this pretty heavily we went and made a rather lengthy agreement that basically lead down to this summer you'll come play some PIU with the rest of our guys.

The second more indirect one was akaunei with him posting scores of a 10th dan clear and a beta 0.9 clear over discord today and it partly made me want to go back to osu mania which as of right now will happen for the foreseeable future.

On top of this I felt maybe trying one more run to see where I stand on certain things as I plan on writing a long story/essay basically giving my entire thoughts hot takes and opinions on rhythm gaming as of whenever that is.

So to y'all who want to talk to me or play multi with me now's your chance.

as of rejoining rhythm gaming discords I'd rather not. Message me through dms on discord (katanaeyegaming#7965 is my tag) or through ffr dms. If I do go inactive from play again I'll post on the forums at least to let you know I'm not dead because I know some people were seriously concerned for me.

With that I wish y'all the best of luck with the tappy bois.