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Posted on: May 12, 2021, at 11:20:36am

My friends I feel the need to make this update in gym class to let you all know that I am to be quitting rhythm games cold turkey as of now. This is because of the culmination of many things that honestly should have been the reason I left months ago.

So here's how it's to go down.

As of today I'm leaving all rhythm game discords that I am currently in. Updating my profiles to let you know of my retirement. And then i'm going to unfollow every rhythm game youtuber/ twitch streamer and remove videos from my watch later playlists of such content.

I know all of this is harsh but I have 3 main reasons.

1. I just don't find it as fun as I did months and years back and I feel i'm just playing out of necessity to fill the void of times once past.
2. I have other hobbies and games I want to pursue the main things being playing Monster hunter and writing.
3. I feel i've achieved every single major goal that I could reasonably do .

Now this does not mean that I won't discuss rhythm games on other platforms such as twitch or that I won't write about it. But this announcement is being made because I just can't be passionate towards these games anymore and probably won't be for the distant future as well.

I would like to thank the following people and groups of people for their excellence.

Korzala: You helped introduce me to the keyboard community of 4k and got me into stepmania pretty hardcore during that time. I can't thank you enough for that.

Deskrot: For being the leading man in our dance game and voltex scenes and just being an influence on me pushing my limits in those games.

Akaunei: For being a bro and on top of that being super good at Osu mania/etterna despite not believing in yourself. Your accuracy will go a huge distance.

Shatteredpixel: My guy hopefully all goes well with whatever you are up to nowadays and you have just overall been a chill guy to hang with.

Firstmaple8: Same as above my guy you have a fighting spirit like none other in 4k and I love watching you play.

Flynnmac/Cammygoesrawr(or whatever alias you go by now): I credit both of you with keeping me afloat during times where i've felt demotivated. Seeing some of your scores has brought life back to me giving certain things a shot.

Every taiko and dance game discord i've been in: for just being wholesome.

FFR discord: for having the best people i've probably ever met across all rhythm games.

This is truly goodbye friends.

I shall be a shadow in the night.
The nightmare shall devour thy flesh.
But for we are as one.
As you hear the lightning crash.



  1. I hope you find your happiness. Take care

  2. Wish you the best mate