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Hello my name is Nathan and im 22 years old and I love to play online games like these
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Final Fantasy Advent Children
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Drayk writes at 12:38:34am on 6/10/19
Hey Cloud man been a while you should re-un-retire (again)! lol :)
Funnygurl555 writes at 8:53:03pm on 4/13/19
congrats on d2! :)
Sanjixcon writes at 5:06:03pm on 4/12/19
hype! glad to hear that man. you were like one of the first people i met on this site so it would be cool to see ya make a comeback.
Sanjixcon writes at 2:31:59pm on 4/12/19
haha whats up dude its been a long time :D
CDCan writes at 6:20:01pm on 4/11/19
whoa, there he is ! what up ?
Sanjixcon writes at 6:42:58pm on 3/20/17
heyy :) how ya been dude
Sanjixcon writes at 3:55:51pm on 2/17/17
yeoooo man whats up :D so how u likin ur new mech kb?
Ribin Shwavos writes at 6:03:34pm on 2/16/17
Hey man, it's been awhile- how are ya doing?
I took some of your advice and have been focusing on performing well on the easier levels and then moving up. I think it's working out quite well :)
Ribin Shwavos writes at 5:15:00pm on 2/7/17
That makes sense. At the top of the page, near the profile info, it lists "level". Do you know what that corresponds to?
Ribin Shwavos writes at 2:24:00pm on 2/7/17
It took me 23 tries to get a AAA on a stupid easy song, and it was marked as an SDG... I'm disappointed.