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Remember when top 16 was a big deal?
Posted on: December 17, 2020, at 11:50:27am

On a random note, first 16 unique people to comment here will get a spot. GO!

  1. what spot

  2. (^^)/~~~

  3. sure why not

  4. @FlynnMac the g-spot!

  5. gimme a spot please

  6. sđź…±ot

  7. - "Tell me, uh, do you see spots before your eyes?"
    - "Uh...duh...ya. Uh, ya. Little biddy spots."
    - "Oh, you're in bad shape."

  8. I got a feelin
    That tonight's gonna be a good night

  9. #9 spot taken

  10. whats the spot

  11. spots? anyhow, thanks for the awesome tournaments.