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Shit I've stepped for FFR
Posted on: February 15, 2012, at 06:11:50pm

I'll keep track of shit I've stepped for FFR here, along with a small comment on each file(sike):

[b][u]bitmapstar//O-SE[/u][/b] = My first file to get queued and go in-game. I first came across this song on O-SE's website while searching for songs to step for the Easy Songs special batch. This is the only file I sent back then for the Easy Songs special batch and luckily it got accepted. Nothing much to say about this rofl, easy file, easy AAA.

[b][u]The Rapids//Fighter X[/u][/b] = My second file to go in-game. Now here's a funny one, despite receiving not-so-well reviews from some judges, and as a result, being moved over to the borderline files judging stage, this file was surprisingly very well received by most players which I am quite glad of :D. I'm actually quite satisfied at how this file came out(but lol they used my un-updated version). This file was used for the first round in the Guru division of the 6th Official Tournament.

[b][u]Magical Higan Tour 2009//t+pazolite[/b][/u] = My first collaboration file to make it in FFR. This is one of two of my files that have a bit history behind them. When I say a history I mean that this file comes back from late 2009. I originally heard this song while browsing through some japanese websites looking for random stuff, haha. I was so grabbed by the melody this song packed that I would listen to it 3-4 times in a row per sit. It was then when I decided to attempt and chart it for FFR, but not long passed after I quickly got blocked on the chart I was working on. It was then on a random conversation with Kommisar that I asked him if he wanted to collaborate on the song with me, and he agreed. He decided to take the second half of the song, which worked perfectly for me since I had already started on the first half. Shortly thereafter, the chart finally saw the light of day, and I must say, I was completely amazed at how the file came out when he sent the finished chart over to me, but, on two occasions I had the opportunity to send in the chart for judging, but decided not to at the last minute. It was as if something was preventing me from sending over the chart to FFR. After over 2 years of the file sitting on my finished WIPs folder, I finally decided to take a shot at it and attempt to get the file in-game during the Hard Songs Special Batch. The file scored surprisingly well with all of the judges - in fact, out of the 3 files I sent over to the batch, MHT09 scored the highest. Like my aforementioned The Rapids file, this chart was also used for the 6th Official Tournament.

To be continued...

  1. I can't wait to do this too!

  2. Ur files sCK !!

  3. The Rapids.
    Very fun file.
    Surprised to see you got bad reviews.

  4. The rapids is an awesome song