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Fun Notice You Don't Care About
Posted on: April 19, 2021, at 08:41:07pm

With the release of Blue Girl on Sunday, my FFR charting career is over, and probably me playing it at most any time unless I am really bored and just want to mess around.

I've got a simfile pack I've been working hard on coming out hopefully soon.

  1. Considering how much of an excellent time had playing those latest releases, That sucks to hear! The new release with Shadow God was so clever, smooth and well made, haven't seen anything like that before! Just recently you were playing the game marvelously and cleanly. Will really miss you if you take off! You're one of the best steppers of this game!

  2. stepfile commentary when

  3. Will you be doing a commentary on the stepfiles that you have made? (either from FFR or outside of FFR)