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FFR 12th Official Tournament
Posted on: August 14, 2019, at 08:41:12am

First official tournament for me, how bad can this possibly go?
Fuck they made a D8

Round 1: Violent Arcade - 13-0-0-6 - Estimated rating: 104

Bottom half for Violent Arcade rip, this chart is a bitch and a half. At least I FCed lol.

Round 2: Wanderflux - 6-0-6-1 - Estimated rating: 105

This is fucking hard, I keep getting misses on my left hand but I can acc it without issues. Somehow got 3rd on this, I'll take it.

Round 3: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips - 19-2-2-4 - Estimated rating: 107/108

Okay well I managed to actually get a good score now, should hopefully get 3rd for this round too. AJ is doing well on it though, and Toaph and Brendon have yet to get scores on it, so I can't say for sure yet.

Round 4: That's Gonna Be - 20-0-0-3 - Estimated rating: 107/108

Stepartist advantage lul, I have mindblocks though so does my advantage even count. Only FC outside of round 1 lmao.

Round 5: Extratone Firestorm - 37-0-15-2 - Estimated rating: 110/111

God what the FUCK is this, AJ why :(

Round 6: Bolt Thrower In A Chinese Restaurant - 44-2-13-10 - Estimated rating: 113


Round 7: Fireball - 83-5-17-14 - Estimated rating: 117?

Ok this is far more dumb than bolt thrower, I guess it's a meme but god this is just terrible lmao.

  1. "not gonna try improving this anymore"

  2. quiet

  3. Fireball thoughts! (i kno u luv it)

  4. why