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Posted on: December 27, 2020, at 04:51:40pm

  1. Lol ty!! I can probably fiddle it down to get some equiv on it (maybe even an SDG) considering that the clean FC was my rusty SR after not playing seriously for a week or so, you got quite the clean score yourself! Hope to see you fiddle that down too!

  2. Thanks, that looks nice. :) Also thanks for the congratulation. Yeah, it will be a difficult journey.

  3. clean profile 😎

  4. Thanks a ton! Am just set aback every time I see you play this game with those customizations and go off. Really have a joy seeing you play charts like fireball so well and other stuff with dense notes and parts you manage through and achieve really clean scores and fc's like Mario Trap! Nice recent Breakbeat BF and Ant IDM AAA and! Those replays are amazing. Happy to see the great scores rolling in. I know you got a lot more opening this next year just hope you get on and play this game often enough to make those beautiful scores happen!

  5. very happy to finally get it, been trying that file for months haha

  6. Haha told you the SDG was coming, it's just it was a bigger SDG than i thought i would get xD and i think i can fiddle it down even more!

  7. If its the little cyan jump stuff it's pretty ironic but i'm horrible at these *cyan walls*, i think because they're so isolated and short that i can hit them sometimes but they're so RNG to me xD, also why i can't get a good score on TAS or Phondrome (darn cyan walls lol). Btw thats an awesome eclipse solar you have for the tourney! You're doing really well so far and can't wait to see if you can get more equiv in the next 2 rounds :D.

  8. i didnt know u still played :U wassup dude

  9. i play 99% etterna nowadays too, im not interested in tournaments or any of that so i mostly just play ffr sometimes for nostalgia and vibes

  10. D7 indeed :D glad to join the crew!

  11. Aye thanks! Yeah i figured i really should do something about the million paragraphs of my OT logs xD. Was about to comment that it was sad to see you drop out of the tourney and wish all the best on the eye recovery but then i saw your scores just now, glad to see you back in the running and can't wait to compete against you in the 103+ range because i know how awesome you are in the range, and still all the best on the eye recovery~

  12. Ya got some pretty good scores for being rusty already, so i can't wait to see what you get when you're back up to speed!

  13. Best Mike

  14. Low D7 alliance? :)

  15. Also, good luck in the OT!

  16. Ayeeeee hopefully i can, unfortunately i've been out of the commission for a bit now and though it started a week from now lol. Did not expect to be in D6 and was hoping you could've joined me in D6 too. Best of luck to you and the others in D7 and make sure to kill it, i'm sure you will~

  17. Let's hope so!

  18. Yo, you playing the OT round a bit more soon? In the pee water right now!!

  19. this round is nuts for you all, i hope you stay safe!

  20. oh lskdjgklsdglw i came to your profile to comment without noticing you commented on mine! thank you so much! (':

  21. I tried my best man, the song bias was too strong with this one (lots of ohts, anchors, and of course, jacks). I quickly adapted but i kept getting nervous in the ending heh. Sorry to let you down and everyone else that was rooting for me, that hurts me the most, glad to see you move on from round 3 (god damn 3,0,0,1 cutoff calm down D7 lol). Best of luck to you in the following rounds, get that top 8 for me!! :D

  22. Thanks dude that means alot! Really glad to have a kickbutt rival like you! Sad to see you go in round 4 but the cutoff is TENSE in D7 its nuts! Grats on top 16 though at least you're getting at least 1 token from this and maybe more in the ghosting tourney, glad to see you participating in that and hope to see you do well! Best of luck!~