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Posted on: November 1, 2010, at 05:59:16pm

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. If any of you have known me, know me or have wanted/want to know me, add me on Skype. Or, fuck. Even on XBL if you want. Skype is up there where it always is. XBL is forchdesole. Gogogo. <3

  1. you hate me </3

  2. and did i ever get the subby for like dominating that search picture thing of your room?

  3. I don't really remember you... But I don't hate you. And, eh, fuck if I remember. Sorry.

  4. D: you forgot me ;.;

  5. Sorry.

  6. oh well decode this 010000100110010100100000011100110111010101110010011001

  7. OHAI ROY!


  9. ogod. I love you, Ryuk.

  10. Hai, Andi. <3

  11. Yo.

  12. Holy shit it's Soda.

  13. Holy shit it's Soda.

  14. Holy shit it's Soda.