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13th official
Posted on: June 29, 2020, at 07:08:42pm

was pretty apathetic towards the 12th official, had numerous issues reading the game among other, physical issues that made the tournament generally unenjoyable.

reading is a little better this time around, but not being able to use my numpad due to sporadic ffr input drops puts my right hand in a moderately uncomfortable position.

placed d8 which should be fun considering a 6th place finish in d7 last year and a seemingly unshakeable reading curse. hoping i can make it through the first couple rounds despite being in the bottom third of d8 participants.

Round 1: G e n g a o z o (4-0-2-1) Estimated Difficulty: 98
still fiddling around with my custom noteskin port from etterna but the receptors still don't work, file looks pretty straightforward aside from one harsh transition outside the trills.

first run is 8-1-3-1. One input drop, a few shitmisses and a couple slow transitions outside of the trills.

couple more attempts after that with consistent 1g or AAA runs out of the streams, but the jack section is so monotonous and excessive that goods and boos would eventually manifest. finished with a 4-0-2-1 and there is no intention of improving it.

it just drags.

nobody improved their scores after so off we go to r2.

Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi (TBD) Estimated Difficulty: 99/100
played a converted version of this file on etterna on 1.1 and got 8-1-0-3 or something of the sort. shouldn't be too bad if i have a good session.

this file is probably around a high 99 or low 100. bursts are hard to control but outside of them this file seems relatively straightforward.

  1. good luck! \o/ <3

  2. turn your fps to 55, use 0.0.8, and put obs open behind your game, and your sporadic input drops will probably go away.

  3. You've got this round in the bag, homie.