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I think its to long to discuss.Ill just say,Ichigos really cool and I really enjoy the anime show in adult swim.Schools boring. XD
I like lots of anime shows video games computer games,iv'e also played a few ddr games in the arcades.I like lots of things.Like I said,its just to long to discuss. XD
Fav Music:
^_^ only cool music.I like linkin park and other songs as well.
Fav Movies:
Lots of movies.And I still enjoy other anime shows as well,such as naruto-bleach-yuyu hakusho-and more.I like scary movies and other ones that are cool.Funny videos XDAnime shows are exiting.(CLICK WHERE IT SAYS HOMEPAGE,NICE YOUTUBE VIDEO.)
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this shit is pimp
Posted on: January 10, 2008, at 10:21:22pm   [0 comments]

photos of bleach/enjoy XD
Posted on: December 12, 2006, at 12:56:12am   [0 comments]

This is my new video.Enjoy ^_^
Posted on: December 7, 2006, at 05:24:50pm   [0 comments]

ICHIGO VS BYAKUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: December 5, 2006, at 06:54:40pm   [0 comments]

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husky pup writes...
at 4:02:47am on 12/18/08
birdgirlxx2003 writes...
at 11:24:19pm on 6/4/08
hey i havent talked to u in a while so thought i would drop by and say hi so HI!!!
Family_Of_Geniuses writes...
at 9:58:08pm on 2/25/08
nice profile ^^ i love bleach XD
Soul Reaper Amaya writes...
at 6:24:35pm on 8/28/07
Nice profile and avatar! ichigo^.^
Sakura-chan no Oto writes...
at 6:22:22pm on 8/28/07
Nice profile and avatar!
sakuralover3429 writes...
at 5:59:27pm on 8/9/07
want a freind
Ulrich213 writes...
at 6:33:50pm on 7/30/07
did u hear about the bleach game 4 wii?
hataru,uzumaki writes...
at 4:21:30pm on 7/24/07
hey bleach is one of my favorite animes if you dont i would like to add you to my friend list
tika4 writes...
at 1:00:33pm on 7/17/07
awsome profile,I give you a thumbs up!
ps.Bleach kicks ass!
sprules writes...
at 3:11:54pm on 6/22/07
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