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oh god why
Posted on: November 15, 2019, at 12:25:08am

i was thinking back to how bad my mental state was before i went into rehab. read through some old shit. cringed like a mother fucker

hooooooooollllllllyyyyyyyyffffffffffuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk no wonder i've been in treatment for 5.5 months

noooooooooo woooooonnnnddddddeeeeeerrrrssssssshhhhhiiiiiiittttt

though the level of cringe is a testament to how healthy i am now though. bless.

  1. Oof >_< I know we just met and all, but sad to hear about those flashbacks. Glad you're doing better now. I recently quit abusing stimulants for good three months ago now and I can relate to very unsavory, cringe, and messed up behaviors and reckless actions taken while on them. I'm really glad that at least you're clean now and on the wagon now though, happy for you! :) Stay strong and keep up the good fight hehe <3 :D

  2. yeeee been getting help for the last 2 years myself FFFFFFFFFFFFF glad to hear yorue doing good thou :)

  3. FAIL FORWARD -will smith