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The Derusting Adventure (a.k.a OT14) blog!
Posted on: May 31, 2021, at 12:13:03am

Well, it's apparently that time of the year again, when the FFR Official Tournament is announced! I'm probably not going to go far in this one, since my skills at this game... well... yeah :P

But I will still, just for tradition's sake update my thoughts after each round to this random thought, so stay tuned if you wanna hear me rant some stepfiles :DD

ROUND 1 | SONG: Elif and the Night of Twilight -Called- | SCORE: 3-0-0-0
What a file to start this tourney! Tricky minijacks, fast jumpstreams, this file got it all! My first run on this file ended up being the best score I was able to achieve, even tho I tried to grind for the AAA... I am definitely not in a comfortable spot atm, but let's hope the next round will go better!

ROUND 2 | SONG: life flashes before weeb eyes | SCORE: 1-0-0-0
Dangit! This was very AAAble right from the word go, but blackflag is the best that I could do in this time frame. Funnily enough, this file was actually easier and more fun to play than the first one, and I am finally at a secure spot! Good round!

ROUND 3 | SONG: BarGain | SCORE: 21-0-4-6
I. Can't. Do. Jacks. The long jacks at the end just made me drop too many goods! I really hate getting stuff like this when I'm basically just busy with everything, that means that I had way too little grinding time to actually get a decent score! Well, I'm out of this tournament, D6 is still too tough for me, there are some very amazing players in this tournament that I look forward to seeing how they perform! Good luck to everyone who actually got past this hell of a file!

My progression in this tourney ends now, but I will still probably continue this post reviewing the next round files!

  1. welcome to ot14.
    the battle starts soon fren

  2. Wishing you luck dude!