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The Journey of the JoloZ in OT13.5
Posted on: October 31, 2020, at 05:32:32am

ok for some reason I deleted my OT13 post, probably because I lost motivation to mania for a while... I actually started playing osu!catch against my friend, and that was fun for a while, now I'm back at FFR shenanigans! (also very, very rusty)

OK so OT13.5, I saw the forum thread and was like, let's give it a shot, even tho my skills don't match a lvl 90 player anymore lol, and to this random thought shall I update my scores and thoughts of each round!

ROUND 1 - SONG: Don Pardo Pimpwagon - SCORE: AAA

Wow! Actually got this AAA on my second try! I dig this song (and the chart) very much! The fast streams at the middle were quite tough, but somehow I still got it :D Looking forward to the next round, cuz I know that was just a warm-up...

ROUND 2 - Song: Galacta Knight - SCORE: 4-0-0-0

Dang! Only 4 goods and I drop into 15th place! The bar for D6 is super high at the moment :D (which means this is gunna be very difficult for me lol) But I hope the next round will be more successful in my part, I haven't played the D6 chart yet, but hopefully I am able to make at least some places up, because it's scary down there :'D