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i love (purple things)
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Hi. I like cats. my discord is coldkitten#8074
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kmay writes at 5:58:02am on 12/22/20
i'm on the FFR discord let me try to find you
kmay writes at 5:46:34am on 12/22/20
I know! I definitely miss the height of the FFR era and the friends I had
kmay writes at 5:39:11am on 12/22/20
hehehe isn't it crazy! Haven't heard that song since the last time we talked as well
Funnygurl555 writes at 7:57:58pm on 12/20/20
thank u cold kitten :D
Panic4Me writes at 11:42:16pm on 9/13/20
Wat. I'm making another blue moon appearance. <3
WirryWoo writes at 6:21:05pm on 8/3/20
Haha likewise! I have been quite busy with real life too, but we should definitely catch up some time. Glad to hear you are staying safe and healthy! :)
WirryWoo writes at 3:48:12pm on 8/3/20
Hey Tiffany (: It's been a while! Hope you're staying safe!
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:05:29pm on 4/8/20
:') hope all is well w/ you
Gravity Kitten writes at 11:09:29am on 4/7/20
They Just Cant Get Rid Of Me Tiffany
Gravity Kitten writes at 6:05:09pm on 4/6/20
what do u mean wat