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About me:
If it isn't already obvious, the names Chelsea, and I'm a hello kitty fanatic. I'm sixteen, a sophomore at Battle, where I'm also a cheerleader. My boyfriend is my number one priority, and nothing in this world could change that. I don't care who you are, don't mess with my bestfriend, Christina, or my little sister, Krisinda, unless you want to get a bitching from me- yeaaa, they can take care of you on their own, but I just like getting my point across that we don't put up with it. I've got a fabulous group of friends, although I've had my share of foes. I have more guy friends than I do girls, but that does not make me a slut, they just have way less drama than most girls do around here. Don't take my shit; this is me, not you. Don't bring up my past mistakes unless you want me to throw up way more of your's. The past is over and done with, move on. I swear, I wont take your bs, ever. I'm for sure not anywhere near perfect, and I don't go around acting like I am. My perspective on life has changed, I see everything differently now. I don't care what you think about me, your opinion doesn't matter. I don't live to impress you, and I don't need your approval.
cheeeeerleading :D
Fav Music:
i like some of everything.
Fav Movies:
pitcher and the pin-up, and the notebook.<33
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MegamanZero3 writes...
at 5:09:57pm on 11/12/10
hey where in virginia are you?!? wanna hook up?
shadmantut writes...
at 7:41:49am on 8/12/09
OH.. and jack johnson is the crap!!
shadmantut writes...
at 7:38:56am on 8/12/09
wasssuppp. i know its like 3 months too late, but thanks for the vote ;)
td_thisgroupislame writes...
at 2:57:53pm on 4/1/09
td_thisgroupislame writes...
at 10:50:28pm on 3/29/09
i find that hard to believe
xXiLoveYouXx writes...
at 12:54:49pm on 3/27/09
td_thisgroupislame writes...
at 10:51:12pm on 3/26/09
Of course you dont get it.
Your a dumb blonde. nuff said.
td_thisgroupislame writes...
at 4:35:54pm on 3/25/09
you try way to hard
xXiLoveYouXx writes...
at 7:24:55am on 3/25/09
you prettier~
aptitud writes...
at 4:21:36pm on 3/24/09
hello friend
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