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Mini Post-Hiatus Life Update
Posted on: April 30, 2020, at 05:04:56pm

I suppose this is my public coming out as a trans girl. I don't mind people using they/them pronouns to refer to me, but I typically prefer being referred to as "she/her". As long as it isn't "he/him", which I understand may be an adjustment considering a handful of people have known me for years. I don't exactly know what or how to say it, but I can say it's...a relief to be able to say I understand myself, and it answers a handful of questions I've had over the years. Conversely, though, it creates even more questions and I wouldn't exactly say life is "easier". There's the constant fear of never being good enough, the fear of how it may affect my relationship with family or how I may be perceived at work. It's another aspect of my life that will at least somewhat be influenced by my anxiety telling me whether something is worth pursuing to certain degrees.

This also creates the issue of me feeling detached from my username, considering it includes the name I was born with. At some point I'll move away from this account, but right now it's out of convenience that I stay active on this one. Not that I'll get upset at anyone for referring to me as "Cammy" though...I mean, it's the name that's staring everyone in the face. It can't be avoided for the time being.

Anyway, if we've interacted on this site at least a handful of times, you've probably played a role in me feeling comfortable enough to even mention any of this in the first place, especially if I've known you since before I was away for years, so thank you.

  1. perhaps pronouns and/or an allusion to Girl in your custom title or location could be worth, just something seen in-forum. also, welcome back!!

  2. somehow i didn't think to do that, probably a good idea. thanks :3

  3. Hey Congrats on your comming out n_n I feel really happy for you ! Hope you the best and good job on the AAA, 55 in one day, this is crazy !

  4. yay

  5. this is pretty late but I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you be more open about your identity. I've been pretty covert about my own identity and haven't had any opportunities to match my body with who I feel I am, but it's always nice to see people opening up and taking steps to be more at peace with themselves. best of luck with your journey. :)