FFR’s 16th Official Tournament – Round 3

Posted in FFR News, Flash Flash Revolution, Tournament on July 14th, 2023

It has been a crazy competitive week, with many people pushing for above the elimination line in their division! We’ve seen Division 6 and Division 7 both fight for ‘SDG or lose’ scores, and we will be seeing Division 3 and Division 4 vying for top 16 in this round! Let’s wish them the best of luck with these new files for the week:

Division 1/2:
Real Man!
Musician: LilDeuceDeuce
Step Artist: gold stinger
Song Length: 2:43
Song Style: Dance Pop
Note Count: 809
Difficulty: 37

Division 3:
Starry sky of a slight sleepalfear
Musician: alfear
Step Artist: Velocity
Song Length: 2:13
Song Style: Pianotronica
Note Count: 699
Difficulty: 48

alfearSoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter

Division 4:
vivid landscape [Heavy]
Musician: paraoka
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 1:57
Song Style: Rock Fusion
Note Count: 1022
Difficulty: 65

Division 5:
Musician: nitro
Step Artist: Velocity & gold stinger
Song Length: 2:28
Song Style: Bouncy House
Note Count: 1636
Difficulty: 76

Division 6:
Dancecore MoldovenescFat Frumos
Musician: Fat Frumos
Step Artist: Psychotik
Song Length: 2:17
Song Style: Ethno Dancecore
Note Count: 1846
Difficulty: 87

Fat FrumosSoundCloud | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Division 7:
A Battle I Absolutely Can’t Lose ~ Kill the Nyanko
Musician: ARM ft. Choko
Step Artist: suicidaln00b
Song Length: 2:07
Song Style: Denpa Dubstep
Note Count: 1844
Difficulty: 95

Division 8:
44 Edit v2
Musician: Terminal 11
Step Artist: Deamerai
Song Length: 3:49
Song Style: IDM
Note Count: 3136
Difficulty: 105

Bonus File 1:
War in the MirrorWorldAoi
Musician: Aoi
Step Artist: WirryWoo
Song Length: 1:56
Song Style: Hi-Tech
Note Count: 1275
Difficulty: 77

AoiSoundCloud | Bandcamp | YouTube | Twitter

Bonus File 2:
Organ Lessonmootbooxle
Musician: mootbooxle
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 4:21
Song Style: Breaks’n Bass
Note Count: 3360
Difficulty: 92

mootbooxleHome | Bandcamp | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Bonus File 3:
vivid landscape [Oni]
Musician: paraoka
Step Artist: bmah
Song Length: 1:57
Song Style: Rock Fusion
Note Count: 1568
Difficulty: 89

Bonus File 4:
Performance Piece for Piano “Journey Through the Stars”
Musician: AAAA
Step Artist: suicidaln00b
Song Length: 2:35
Song Style: Piano Solo
Note Count: 900
Difficulty: 62

Bonus File 5:
Your wonderful silicon brain
Musician: Strobe
Step Artist: M0nkeyz
Song Length: 2:48
Song Style: Glitchtune
Note Count: 1900
Difficulty: 92

With the intensity of the competition that always happens during our official tournaments, we want to remind people to please show respect to your fellow players and how their placements may compare to yours. We know it can be daunting and potentially frustrating when you see what you’re up against, but just remember that this is a friendly competition and we all are striving to do our best and have fun in the end.

We hope you all enjoy the Official Tournament as much as we do! Now, go out there and give your competition something to fear!

- The OT Committee, the Game Management Team, and the Community Managers.

11 Responses to “FFR’s 16th Official Tournament – Round 3”

  1. Did I win?

  2. btw ot signups are closed

  3. How can you lose if every song is a banger ?

  4. A lot of artist hyperlinks here redirect to either the ffr frontpage or this post =(

    (alfear, Fat Frumos, Aoi and mootbooxle)

  5. lmao I just saw links to socials are under those, nvm, was just confused why it redirected me to ffr

  6. Because they haven’t been added in yet. For new artists, I generally get their wiki pages set up properly as well as in-game a day or two after release. Pre-existing / returning artists work fine.

  7. Finished the work that I needed to do, they now show correctly.

  8. gold stinger the goat btw

  9. lol D8 can’t AAA a 105 diff file a single time

  10. well 3/4 of the division doesn’t touch the chart until at most 2 hours before the round ends, so give them some time

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