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ive lost my mind
Author: vivi
Type: StepMania Videos
Description: so i decided i was extremely bored and wanted to revisit lpoh, turns out, file's essentially free, sup
  1. i made a positive commment, promising ill wont say negative comments again and you dislike it? why?

  2. just down this comment

  3. You missed.

  4. Okay, next time ill make less negative comments on things i dont opt in on first sight

  5. electriczap if you're gonna make comments like that, it's gonna seem obvious why you got banned from EO discord.

  6. @ electriczap damn its almost as if people play the game for different purposes

  7. what on earth is that skin

  8. That moment when people have set their standards so low, they start trying to do stuff like this

  9. haaAAAAAuhhHH??? o__o