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Battle Train AAA
Author: Megurine Luka
Type: StepMania Videos
Description: Judge 6 true index.
  1. Thank you very much! I've been playing true index a lot recently and this song had some really tricky gimmicks but I am used to a relatively high speed mod. This theme is real fun. I will definitely keep it up! Nice to see you again and I remember you from SMO!

  2. Phenomenal run executed firmly and quite nicely, have no idea how you can AAA that with all of those mines everywhere and going that rate of speed but however, hope you keep that up! Really like that setup as well!

  3. I will once I find that it works well with my computer. ヽ(。 ╭​͜つ​╮​͡ °)ノ Thanks though!

  4. very nice score though

  5. play etterna