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DDR Shenanigans
Author: Megurine Luka
Type: Dance Dance Revolution Videos
Description: Max 300 Heavy Doubles A, Tenshi Heavy FC 98%, Chaos Heavy 3 CBs 93%
  1. The video is very amazing and entertaining as well and my https://luckypennsylvania.com/reviews fellows also shared their reviews on it. You should keep sharing interesting posts. Thanks a lot.

  2. owned

  3. Thanks brah! There's also another trick I use that's useful if one doesn't remember how many beats the next note is away, and that is rhythmically tapping the next arrow that is coming up!

  4. Great idea counting out the beats for the stops in Chaos and Max300, I should do that

  5. Next time I'll do it, bby. <3

  6. how about filming the cab? nice score <3

  7. I got 2 where he is the focal point actually hehe.

  8. how many yellow rat shirts do you have?