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My First AAA on DDR Extreme!
Author: Megurine Luka
Type: Dance Dance Revolution Videos
Description: I'm so happy~ Also I drink some water. Mmm.
  1. Thank you! I will!

  2. Nice, dude! Go for an even harder AAA!

  3. Thank you! And I'm glad you like my bulge. ;)

  4. Nice job!

  5. appreciate the bulge cam

  6. I've A'd TLOM on Heavy too but wow the lifebar on Extra Stage is intense. I think my nerves got me on those jumps and that only amplifies on 1.5x and Reverse. Nice job and thank you very much! Pikachu!

  7. Daang, so close to the end of extra stage. I've never passed it either even tho I've A'd the song. Nice AAA and nice shirt