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So Deep No Bar FC
Author: Megurine Luka
Type: Dance Dance Revolution Videos
Description: Face reveal~
  1. I second that. I really enjoy gallops and the other 16th notes are used well here. And they don't make the patterns obnoxious lmao.

  2. This is probably the best and most fun chart from extreme

  3. Hehe I just play a lot. There's a good setup in my kitchen with a bar right behind where I can play. Thank you! And for more information about DDR/ITG machines, check here: https://zenius-i-vanisher.com/v5.2/arcades.php

  4. Man, I'm sad that there are no more DDR/ITG cabinets in my city >.<

  5. How do you do good at DDR? That's insane! Nice job!

  6. Thanks to the both of you (Juxa and SpaceGorilla)!

  7. so deep more like so good at ddr nice moves

  8. Nice job!!

  9. Congrats dude and thanks!

  10. Ive done this once. Hardest 9 in extreme, great job!