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For FFR Crossover 16 pass
Author: Dossar
DossarLX ODI
Type: In The Groove Videos
Description: My first Crossover Spectrum 16 pass!
  1. Forget owning a DDR cab... I want this pad now, wow!

  2. You make me want to go buy dance pads again. Please, my wallet already suffers.

  3. have u ever fallen over while doing crossovers lol

  4. i wish i had pads i could jab my hands at that speed and not use my legs :P

  5. Nice Pass, song makes me nostalgic

  6. Wait, this is illegal.

  7. this isn't pump it up

  8. how the fuck can you keep doing crossovers for that long, that's so insane, jesus

  9. It's an SMX pad. Specifically, 3rd generation. 4th generation is sold out and I'm not sure when the next wave will come.

  10. Holding on for dear life o.o

  11. Damn dude. What pad is that? Lights looks sick lol