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Devin Townsend Project- Juular (Inferono engine) A
Author: FatLongPizza
Type: Other Video Games Videos
Description: messed up accuracy but alright
  1. You should direct that kind of comment to the stepartist instead of players @ Xel. There is nothing wrong with players enjoying charts for their difficulty and/or track in itself, or even for stepartists to target such demographic for that matter. If anything, even if you wanted, this track doesn't offer much to show off ~stepartistry~ anyway.

  2. What ever makes you sleep at night I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I've been here for a very long time. I've seen trash come and go. There's nothing but difficulty here, and that is what makes this boring as fuck. Also since it is an osu file, I'm sure the sync is absolute dog shit.

  4. I mean flies are attracted to shit, I'm starting to see why you're here.

  5. Because shitty content should be pointed out. Not left to fester in the shit hole.

  6. But why even bother?

  7. Much like you, I didn't put in any effort into this. I'm not putting in any effort.

  8. And why do you care to put this much effort into making these comments?

  9. All files like this get lumped into the same category where they're pretty much 3/4ths repeditive jump / handstream and then there's one part that *might* be worth someone's time. Just because there is likely worse, does not shine this file in any better light.

  10. There are more boring maps than this I imagine

  11. when I go to look up the word "boring" when it comes to simfiles, I imagine this file will be the example.