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I kinda suck at FFR
Author: _Creamy
Type: Flash Flash Revolution Videos
Description: yea i got a bad hand locking at the end in the left hand and it sucks but it was a got score for a 14 yo
  1. damb boi u hit dem arros

  2. im 2 and d8

  3. Im more impressed with the blue notes only skin

  4. im 13 and im better than u

  5. for someone who says they suck you're doing pretty good tbh.

  6. >maps

  7. thx is just the fact for me like playing this maps and strugling to play lvl 80 up it starts to hurt but i think happens to everyone

  8. I don't really get how being 14 matters lol just look at Jakads, either way tho nice reality