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the most fucked song in SM
Author: komo
Type: StepMania Videos
Description: Hi i wanted to explain what i think is the hardest song in the game and why
  1. Just put it in Fiffer. then it will be passed easily

  2. I'm glad people enjoyed the vid I'll leave it up to remind me of how I'm a mess. I might do a similar video on planet hell and why I think they're the most technically challenging patterns in the game idk we'll see

  3. dem fast maths. maybe that anime profle pic can quad it :)

  4. really hard vibro chart is hard

  5. @mike its never been passed, the trills have, but not the stream

  6. Please complain about my stepcharts like T-rog used to when my new pack drops please daddy do it to me

  7. also isn't it 600 bpm 64ths you multiply the base BPM by 4, not 6

  8. iirc this has been passed though

  9. lmao, it received a lot of criticism/hate as the pack was released and I urged people to ignore it, admitting that I basically ruined the finale spot for rebound's second dump pack which I felt terrible about. old news but the commentary was amusing to me

  10. interesting

  11. calling Wayward Vagabond

  12. inb4 someone makes a file out of this video.