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Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) killed my arrow key
Author: Kairon
Type: Flash Flash Revolution Videos
Description: So close to a FC but my butthole arrow key had to try and make a break for it. Very cheesed off.
  1. bottom editing

  2. u monster bagel

  3. lol

  4. hehe

  5. top editing

  6. roflmfao

  7. This is gold XD

  8. Good chart

  9. I'm glad this video was finally made. This is a reality of FFR that wasn't expressed well enough until this point in time. No seriously, we needed this for history purposes.

  10. lmfao nice editing at the end there

  11. lmfao nice editing at the end there

  12. also its funny that ive played that song so much that just by the keytaps i could tell what it was haha

  13. lmao ill give your kb a b for effort XD Id be so salty.