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Gotta start somewhere (Rat Twist FC)
Author: Kairon
Type: Flash Flash Revolution Videos
Description: Index lives! Super sloppy FC. Very AAA-able, but I'm still in the process of building my dexterity, speed, and accuracy back up, and this will likely take some time. But really, this is more of an excuse to try and find an optimal camera/screencap setup, and to show off my 2-finger hands and quads technique. (You think you can stop me by puttin' all four arrows together at once? Pssh.)
  1. I'm a QWOP player with this fc and i still find this incredibly impressive. very nice man

  2. man ur index style is really cool. nice vid.

  3. That's amazing! I want to watch more!

  4. its pretty cool how you do the jumptrills lol, like at 40 seconds.. nice