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Mcroll'd 1.5 Pass
Author: The Ninja Wae
Type: StepMania Videos
Description: So apparently this was doable, excuse the reaction near the end of the video.
  1. the anchored 8ths around the 2 min mark have some sexy keytaps. the trills are just fucking wowcrazy

  2. THE WEA

  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400279833516703745/401089588572979203/screen00046.jpg

  4. Oh right, yea, I also got 1.6 yesterday, not on video though

  5. Also this file is 10 years old now. Wow

  6. Incredible pass

  7. dont underestimate the file btw, the trills might be short, but they eat away at your life.

  8. i'll have to try that

  9. i agree

  10. ohwuhuhuwhat