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this is handstream
Author: the man who hit the handstream to a barely accepta
Type: StepMania Videos
Description: this is most certainly handstream
  1. how long did it take you to memorize all those hands?

  2. sorry i was trying to copy paste 'e's because my keyboard is broken

  3. congratulations on using your WEEDyWEEDs to viWEEDw your computWEEDr's scrWEEDWEEDn in ordWEEDr to coordinatWEED thWEED movWEEDmWEEDnts of your fingWEEDrs so that you can activatWEED thWEED sWEEDquWEEDncWEED of WEEDvWEEDnts nWEEDcWEEDssary for your computWEEDr to communicatWEED with your monitor so that it can display thWEED rWEEDsponsWEED you WEEDxpWEEDct whWEEDn you do thWEED stuff

  4. commenting on a Walmart laptop lol (in Walmart)

  5. Excellent job maneuvering your fingers to hit the keys with the timings indicated by the arrows on the screen.

  6. can confirm it is handstream

  7. nice hand movement