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Default Thrash the Plank [50 or 56]

This chart has a relatively quick BPM compared to other 50's, but has much thicker layering and step/jump/jack combinations. This relatively short chart only carries 161 AAA's and hits a whopping 17 NPS (going on spring wind only ever hits 16, but through harder patterns). You'd be hard pressed to find another chart in the low 50s range with as high a BPM Combined with mostly jump layering and jacks.

Comparing it to Fast Rap Battle, another 50, FRB has little to no jacks or jumps and is slower. It also only tops out at 14 NPS. TtP is fast AND has tricky patterns/jumps/jacks etc.

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Default Re: Thrash the Plank [50 or 56]

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