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Default FFR's Stepfiles

I have some questions about FFR's stepfiles.

A few users have told me FFR has a step delay of 10. Does this mean that if I put in steps right as the song starts, they'll be "hidden"?

Also, Tasselfoot said that stepfiles for FFR need to be private. If that's the case, I'll need to ask permission for the song (thread about it in another category.)

If I am going to submit a FFR stepfile of a song such as Zanzibar Green by The Fat’s Sobabah vs. FGJ, can I decide whether it should be a token? Or does a moderator consider this?

Also, what step difficulty do I submit (beginner, light, standard, heavy, oni, edit)

This is more of a question, but I put it in General Talk for discussing what files to put on.

EDIT: Sorry I meant to put this in Song permission and upload subforum

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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

Responding in order.

-Yes. If you have steps in the first one and a third seconds (or somewhere near there), your steps will be cut-off.

-I'm not 100% sure of what you mean here, but if you mean that other people shouldn't play your files for FFR, pretty much yes. You can get your file tested by a few other people, but you can't let a million people have access to it.

-I don't think you can decide. Pretty sure Tass (or whoever) would decide.

-It doesn't matter- I've used light, standard, and oni, and none made a difference.

Hope this helped, but I don't know everything.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

Generally, you shouldn't put any steps in the first 2 seconds.

Don't openly distribute it.

Nope; Tass or moderator decision.

Doesn't matter what SM difficulty, but don't put two different difficulties into the file you're submitting.

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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

Don't put it in beginner or edit difficulties, only light-oni.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

1. Don't use first 2 seconds of the song for steps.
2. If you make a file for FFR, don't upload it to public places.
3. You can't determine that your file will be released as a regular song or token song.
4. Any difficulty is basically ok but you shouldn't use edit. of course 1 difficulty only.
5. Moved to songs/permissions subforum.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

also check out the sticky'd thread in this forum that is a guide to stepping/submitting for FFR.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

yeah... im still confused lol about the being a author simfile thing
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lol happy
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

A word on getting it to be/not be a token...
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

For a second there I thought RVL was back.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

But how do you upload them?
I mean, I know the instructions, but where should we go to upload them? I heard of some FFR Resonance thing that would let us upload the stepfiles. But to what I've ran up and down checking for such thing, it isn't real.
How is it that there are new stepfiles every week and the majority of us don't know how to upload them?! That is just weird.
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Default Re: FFR's Stepfiles

Holy shit account nostalgia much

Also the "New Songs of the Week" are files from the FFR batch, not the actual simfile database. Jimerax handles the batch files that are put into the game.

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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