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Ask Me Anything A forum where notable users offer to answer questions from the userbase.

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Welcome to the AMA subforum. I'm sure this fad will die in a week and I'll end up nuking the forum again, but in the meantime, there are going to be a few rules for how it works:

1/ You take "Don't want to answer" as an answer - Don't badger people who don't want to tell you certain things. Most actual AMAs are done by people who are well enough known for certain things they've done, that the questions are mostly about that. Here we're asking all kinds of absurd nonsense. If someone chooses not to answer, don't flame them, troll them, or keep asking.

2/ OPs need to make good use of the edit button - Don't quadruple post because 4 people asked questions. Make one large post with quote tags. For now I'll just tell the moderators to have a heavy hand with the 'merge posts' button, but if it gets really egregious I'll just make this forum not increase postcount.

3/ Don't be a frigging idiot - Seriously, this website is mostly full of teenagers, and we generally maintain a pretty PG-13 atmosphere. So really, don't be a frigging idiot. Watch that your questions aren't too personal, too sexual, or too inappropriate, even if the one hosting the AMA says they are happy to answer those kinds of questions.
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