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Talking BM2SMConverter Release!

Hey everyone, today I'm making this post to notify you all that the BM to SM converter made by DeltaEpsilon is now officially released!

GitHub: The converter is completely open source!
Tutorial: Youtube Link

With this software, you can now convert .bms, .bme, .bml, and other relevant formatted files directly to .sm. This converter takes the BM file and converts the notes in it (however many lanes you want in whatever order you want from 4-10 keys) along with baking the audio files into a single .ogg which means you won’t have a million key sounds per file.
Now you can play practically any bms file you want in StepMania! I cover everything necessary to get into converting in my YouTube tutorial, along with a few notes and common bugs in the description of the video.

Thank you for checking this out!
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Default Re: BM2SMConverter Release!

Hey Vsauce, Michael here

So before anything, if you find issues or bugs, please post them in Issues of the repository.

In the message body, post the chart you're trying to convert and end result if it's available and the message that you get with -V flag.

And for the love of Lord Prosciutto, if this chart plays okay in ArrowVortex, then there is no problem with this converter. I cannot do anything about SM bugs or lack of features. This is mostly prevalent for gimmick charts that utilize extremely high BPM.

Additionally, exceptions specified in Common Errors of README on GitHub are not a bug unless it's ValueError of unknown origin.

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Default Re: BM2SMConverter Release!

i'm excited for this!
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Default Re: BM2SMConverter Release!

i was waiting for someone to make this converter since this one was no longer available: http://blog.livedoor.jp/nm_black_out...s/1605619.html

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Default Re: BM2SMConverter Release!

Where do you get bms files
Originally Posted by lofty rhino View Post
one does not simply hate everyone that plays stepmania
AND watch anime.
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Default Re: BM2SMConverter Release!

Originally Posted by Mahou View Post
Where do you get bms files
insane bms.zip
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