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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Holy crap. I Just noticed! O.O
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

5 year bump! Is there a Fullscreen version atm?
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen


Right click then click zoom in. Then press F11.

Thats what i sometimes do anyway..

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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

There's a fullscreen option on the beta version right now, but it isn't working properly just yet because keys don't register in fullscreen mode.

Otherwise, dreddshott's way is as close as you can get, but Synthlight said he didn't want people posting that link even though anyone could find it out.
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Quick question, that is similar to this topic, I try and use my spread keys A S L : in full screen and it is like it isn't even detecting key strokes or something, it works fine using the arrow keys.
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Just read that my bad lol
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

if youre on a macbook, you can press command and scroll to zoom in and make FFR full screen

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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Originally Posted by Adamaja456 View Post
if youre on a macbook, you can press command and scroll to zoom in and make FFR full screen

Or if you're on a pc, F11 makes your browser full screen, after that go to: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...herway.swf?GB=
zoom in and boom, you're now playing full screen
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Thanks for the bump. I couldn't find an FFR full-screen swf so I've been playing FFR-The-Game with ctrl + in FireFox to zoom in, to make it seem like it's full-screen.
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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

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Default Re: FFR Fullscreen

Please no bumping old threads. Closed.

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