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Default TRSGSPTNOWPP V9 Submissions & Progress Thread

I've talked about it here and there on discord, but v9 pack will be the final release in the 'The Really Shitty gold stinger Pack that NO ONE will ProbAblY play' lineage of packs. In response, I want the pack to harbor a little bit of everything that was contained from previous packs. Including callbacks to previous song authors, previous memes sitting on the back-burner, and a spring clean of finishing all my WIP's since the first pack release back in 2014. During my time in making these packs, a select few stepartists contributed through the freedom of their hearts, to help knock out packs that hit roadblocks.

And so, to keep in line of that tradition, and wanting this pack to be bigger than ever, I'll be opening up submissions to any & all that would like to have their files featured in the final TRSGSPTNOWPP release. You may submit whatever you like. That meme that you & your friends laughed at while playing Jackbox? Go for it. That one dusty file with no place that doesn't meet your simfiling standards? Send it in. Anything and everything is acceptable, within margin*. Please send any and all submissions to me on Discord (Goldstinger#1348) either via DM, download link, or through a similar method. (Like pinging me in the Official FFR Discord, or Direct Message on the FFR Website)

*please try not to send in anything that would break things, like preventing the pack from being viewable/crashes Etterna, or has a higher MSD/Etterna rating than 60. If it's higher than 60, uhh yeah. That's gonna be a no. Go far with your memes, but don't trip acid while memeing.

Release date is July 17th, 2020, OR 50 files. Whichever threshold is reached first. If 50 files is reached first, then a deadline release date earlier than July 17th will be made. Release date is March 5th. Submissions will be available until 24 hours prior to the release date. (March 3rd, at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. EST is 1 hour ahead of Server Time.)

If you prefer to assist with banner / background graphics instead of submitting a file, that is also greatly appreciated. In the spoiler below, is a list of all current songs received, and in the pack, as well as whether or not we have bg/banners for them yet. Backgrounds have never been a necessity to TRSGSPTNOWPP, but banners will need to be made prior to release.

I'll be attempting to keep things up-to-date on a weekly basis. May not land on the same day, but aiming for once a week.
Current number of songs: 57
Updated as of: 03-04-2020

All difficulties shown in this image are the default estimated MSD rating in Etterna, rounded to the nearest whole number.
This is currently not up-to-date. It will be updated in the release thread.

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- Tosh 2014

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