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Default Who is America?

This show spawned by Sacha Baron Cohen premiered on July 15, 2018, on Showtime. I personally found Borat and Bruno hilarious and watched a bit of Da Ali G Show after discovering Borat (the film) back in 2006. There is a lot for me to say about this show and I rarely hype up about stuff in general.

For one, this man has been planning this for quite some time. For each of the new characters introduced in this show he's provided some "proof" of their existence, one character in particular dating as far back as 2007 (I'm talking about books written by Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello that can be found on Amazon). Proof of books: Link

Probably his most memorable character in my opinion is an anti-terrorist expert from Israel who has successfully made fools out of certain people (especially the "ex" state representative of Georgia, Jason Spencer). The video is on YouTube and I'm unsure about posting it here since it does contain nudity (blurred in the Showtime video) and a racial slur but man did it make me cringe when I first saw the episode live. The video is nearly at 7 million views already and Jason has resigned shortly after the episode aired.

There's only seven confirmed episodes for this season and I'm unsure if there will ever be any more episodes/seasons after this. Five episodes are currently out and there are some really memorable moments out of each episode. I won't lie when I say that I'm terrified about what's to come from these last two episodes considering that he's managed an interview with Sarah Palin (rumors say they may not air that segment after all) and back in February of this year he apparently paid OJ Simpson $20,000 to be a part of "some movie/project" which caused Sacha to be in a bad light in the eyes of the family of the deceased (Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman) as if he hasn't already pissed off hundreds of people.

This show isn't for everyone and some find it incredibly hard to watch for different reasons. Some call him a genius. Others a manipulator. I think for the genre of comedy (particularly cringe humor) he's a master at it and a daredevil but I'm not sure what to expect with these final two episodes, the anticipation having me at the edge of my seat. Hopefully some positive things may come out of this...whatever they may be.
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Default Re: Who is America?

*Sacha points at America on map*

"And what is uh dis?"

"That is cheese also."

I've never seen Cohen's work outside of youtube clips, and the kindergarten gun safety video was hilarious. I think I'll give it a watch.

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