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James May
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Default Void GFX Request

Yo, so while I'm pushing to the final phases of The Void, I...need a few help with GFX :V Only making a separate thread here so I don't go endlessly bumping my pack thread lmao. Anyways, here's the list :^) Also, pack banner is in order so it doesn't look like MSPaint memes lmfao

Songs that need GFX
4step 5ever - Rolling Contact
A Little Nonsense - Echolyn
Acquire - ryhki
anticrystal - Sakuraburst
Artificial Snow - かめりあ
Bobby - GFOTY
Comfortable Hole Bye - hercelot & mav.
Destroy - Yooh (This file is X-Mod)
dropdead - frums
Drum Machine (Mikeneko Homeless Remix) - Tofubeats
Faceshopping - SOPHIE
空疎、空洞、また来世 - RD-Sounds
Future Destination - MGD Sound Team
Goosebumps (Min x AHBSNT Flip) - Travis Scott ft. Kendrick Lamar
Hepatitus - Acrynm
irony (yzn remix) - ClariS
Journey - Aika x Tenkitsune
KABOOOOOM!!!! - t+pazolite
Kamikaze - Spock's Beard
Like I Am - M2U Ft. Kuripurin
Pop It - eliderp
Rage Template - DEV/NULL
Second Distraction - Kaipa
Stash - Phish
Sweet Escape (Pa's Lam System Remix) - DEVIL NO ID
Temp6HWZ69O - Amen Orchestra
Thermostat 7 - Igorrr feat. Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestar
見えない手 (Translates to Unseen Hands) - Halozy
Villain of Science - The Enid
When Sorrows Sang - Blind Guardian

Songs with completed gfx
素晴らしい’0′ - macaroom & Halozy

Can't Tell - Yuni Wa
<this banner doesn't like to be cooperative in forums lmao, but it is a complete set!>

Firepower-UP FEVER - Yuyoyuppe

No Reply - Nvoise

PAM!!! (Foxsky Version) - Carpainter ft. Onjuice

PAM!!! (Foxsky Version) [WATARU HardStep Flip] - Carpainter ft. Onjuice

Pump This (Getter Remix) [anti re-try] - Snails & heRobust

Puppy Parade (WATARU Bootleg) - Foxsky

The Beast - Skeeter

The Last Step - Ghost of 3.13

Twelve - Venetian Snares

Whisper - Boombox Cartel feat. Nevve

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Default Re: Void GFX Request

I might make more if I have the time.

Check out my Speedruns
Originally Posted by TEEX
I want me a grrrl that will call me at 4 in the morning and ask me what my best is on Ants.
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James May
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Default Re: Void GFX Request

Ayyy ty for that banner~

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