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Default [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?

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Previous version (Miracle Streamz^1)

Finally I can have a rest.

As what I said in that submission thread, this pack is consisted of 36 Keyboard 4Key files which mainly contain any kind of streams/technical sections.

This pack barely contains very few non-dump files which is totally different from ^1. And the overall difficulties of this pack is lower than ^1 due to I was just considering to make a high-difficulty pack for practice while I was organising ^1.

BGAs and Lyrics are not put in this pack so you can see it is about 70mb less than ^1.

Hope you'll like it!



Staff: Cyrillic,Lynessa,OpakyL,QQwiwi2012,Ska,SnowPh,steps_kagami,tera,XingRen,YuzukiY (I love you all)

'Human revolution pack ---tera'

Contains 10 files and WHATHE ARE THEM.
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Default Re: [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?


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Default Re: [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?



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Default Re: [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?


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Default Re: [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?

ah yes
List of packs with my files (Pad) :

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Default Re: [Release]Miracle Streamz^2 ...and?

Manny PAQuaio
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