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Default [Release]WoAiNi(aka Zinowo)

↑Click the banner to download
(WoAiNi means "I love you." in Mandarin.)

A big "Thanks for supporting!" from Zino who is the sponsor of this pack.


Someone requests me to share this pack outside so I'm here again. It contains about 80 files from Chinese mobile rhythm gaming community. Their charting ideas are quite different so I cannot determine the quality of these charts. But still, hope you'll like it.


Sponsor:Zino (aka "kissme" in eo)
Charters:GwiCL, Leaves_, Lianjie, OsIBdnAi, Rachelbell, ReMoon, SnowPh, Vish, wds0, Xecus Fate, Xu, Yemoon and Zino.

(As a not native English speaker, I would be sorry if there's any grammar problems.)
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Default Re: [Release]WoAiNi(aka Zinowo)

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Default Re: [Release]WoAiNi(aka Zinowo)

leaves image material xd
syzigia wsd0 ok

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Default Re: [Release]WoAiNi(aka Zinowo)

i legit though "WoAiNi" was a song
downloading btw :0
List of packs with my files (Pad) :

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