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Default ShurykaN Minipack Released!

Click above for the pack!

2017 Shury mapping skillz!

So mainly technical chordjacks with little variety, with mostly only self-playtested files. Most of the files are medium to hard difficulty. For Keyboard !

I've put ratings based on my own arbitrary standard in no particular fashion.

There's like a bunch of anime songs and two christian rocks songs (idk why lol, I don't even like christian rock?? ok w/e) and one NINJA GAIDEN 2 track
Be thankful that you were born in the same era as I, the great ShurykaN!! unless you're reading this a couple hundred years later, in which case I can only feel sorry for you. Profess your allegiance to my superior mapping prowess and become my faithful follower.

Cookies !
it took way much more effort to make this pack than I thought it would -_-

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Default Re: ShurykaN Minipack Released!

Play my files
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Default Re: ShurykaN Minipack Released!

oh wow nice, ill play this tomorrow and post an album of scores ;3


edit: sometimes tomorrow ends up being a week but im prolly about to try it

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