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Default TheSmexxxyNoobs Ultimate Low Level Tourney

Welcome to the D1-D3 tournament! We are your hosts Mr54Supernoob and Smexxxybeast!


This is a non-elimination tournament. Rounds will last 4 days with with a total of 5 rounds. The tournament uses raw scoring. Only members of division one, two and three may participate.


As always, cheating or sandbagging is not allowed.


Placement is based upon division in FFR. If you feel that you belong in a division other than the one you are in PM either Me, Smexxxybeast or Mr54Supernoob

Starting date

The tournament is planned to start on Monday, August 8 at 10:00 PM server time

Additional information

Post a screenshot of your score in this thread to submit a score. Points for rounds are as follows: AAA or first place in the round will get 5 points, second place will get 4 points, third place will get 3 points and fourth place will get 2 points. Any one placing after the first four places will get 1 point.

All Scores will be saved to this spreadsheet located below.


Reminder: You must post a score for each round in this thread to be eligible for prizes.

We will get credits out to you as soon as we can. First place winners recieve 575000 credits divided between the them, Second place will receive 191000 credits between them, and Third place will receive 125000 credits between them. The remaining credits will be spread between the people who participated but did not place in the top three.
Division One

First place!
Division Two

First place!
Second place!
Third place!

Division Three

First place!
Second place!
Third place!

Screenshot Help

R^3 Users:
1) Click on Screenshot, you can then save the screenshot to any location you want on your computer (I have a scores folder I use)
2) Any image hosting site, imgur being really simple to use, will work. On imgur specifically, click on the Arrow on "New Post" -> Upload images. Go to Browse and find your screenshot.
3) Once uploaded, scroll over the picture and you'll see another drop-down arrow. Click "Get Share Links" and click copy on the one that says "BBCode (Forums)".
4) Paste Code into thread.

For Velocity/Legacy users:

1) Hit the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard
2) Go to paint and CTRL + V (paste) Also you should select the results screen window so you don't post your entire desktop.
3) Save image
4) Follow R^3 User Steps 2-4


50% of the pot will be divided among the first place winners, 25% will be divided among the second place winners, 15% to the third place winners and the remaining 10% will be spread equally to the remaining competitors

Donations and pot

We will be starting this tournament with 80,000 credits. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Current pot: 1,000,000

Charmoeleon: 400,000
Kawaii025: 100,000
Axith: 70,000
Smexxxybeast: 60,000
MarcusHawkins: 40,000
Beeattack: 48,000
Felyx: 50,000
Deidara837: 50,000
Botchi246: 41,150
_Zenith_: 30,148
PhantomPuppy: 30,000
Juckter1: 20,000
Mr54Supernoob: 20,000
Shiney01: 20,000
TheSaxRunner05: 20,000
Senpai Noah: 700

Round Five!

Division One

Say It Right (Sanxion Remix)- (34)

Division Two

Exogenesis- (51)

Division Three

Sonata Pathetique - Mov 1- (63)

Round Four

Division One

sign of hero -the third dream fragment- (31)

Division Two

Bouff (47)

Division Three

Revolutionary Etude V2 (60)

Round 3

Division One

Jumper (29)

Division Two

Youkoso! Himitsu no Janbaraya! (43)

Division Three

Tougenkyou -H.E.Remix- (58)

Round Two

Division One

W (23)

Division Two

Driveway [Heavy] (38)

Division Three

Internet Heroes (52)

Round One

Division One

Serenade of Storms (19)

Division Two

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (35)

Division Three

Hyper Pressure (48)

Sanjixcon (D2)
Juckter1 (D3)
Ihavenoname248 (D3)
Soramimi (D3)
Aphoticairavata (D1)
Proskillz8080 (D1)
FirstMaple8 (D2)
manicpies898 (D2)
Bach96 (D2)
BoredAholic (D2)
EndurableGerm25 (D1)
Felyx (D3)
Kriptos (D2)
~Kitty~ (D3)
DDMythicalB3ast (D2)
Boomerangbro10 (D2)
arcTangent (D2)
x_egeltje_x (D2)
Scottek (D3)
Figlar20k (D3)
Precarious (D2)
Blur Stardust (D1)
Grizz13114 (D3)
Critterfps (D1)
DeltaNein (D2)
WashinesGaming (D2)
SkyWalkerr (D1)
Da_Man040292 (D3)
TechKnow (D1)
SilentSand (D1)
ZackAttack83 (D1)
Ricochxxx (D2)
Shiney01 (D2)
Treysicl11 (D2)
TheLegendOfPie (D2)
Zabbidou (D2)
beeattack (D2)
Red Blaster: (D3)
Preg Jr (D3)
Revelation20k (D1)
Senpai Noah (D1)
Potato030 (D2)
rparty89 (D2)
Beat_slayer (D1)
ponybrony23553 (D1)
GameWhore (D1)
spartan6431 (D2)
Yaquelineee (D1)
kurisutofa (D2)
typing like wat (D2)
TheFFRPerson (D2)
Charmoeleon (D2)
DanForMayor (D2)
WelcomeToNightVale (D1)
DethlessCorpse (D1)
Killionz (D2)
rainbowz183 (D1)

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