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Default FFR multiplayer

so i was playing FFR and was trying to get into multiplayer and it says it 'cant connect'........any suggestions when it could come back up again?....
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Default Re: FFR multiplayer

The front page post references that

"Currently multiplayer is still being rewritten to work in the new system along with the simfiles section."

So when it is up and running I am sure there will be a post about it on the front page.
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Default Re: FFR multiplayer

**** is still being worked on so give it a minutes before it all works well
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Default Re: FFR multiplayer

You know, I wonder how many times people are going to make threads about MP. Read the front page, sheesh. Or, look at the other 5 threads about it.
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Default Re: FFR multiplayer

Its not just MP people are constantly making threads about.
There are threads popping up about The Profiles, The game, VC, MP and everything else that they can find that doesn't currently work...
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