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Default Masters/Guru TOURNAMENT


This is a tournament that is only for FFR masters that resemble gurus.
What a mean by that is, you have to be able to AAA or get very few goods on a FMO and get close to
FC’ing or missing a few on FGO.
With that being said let me include the rest.

This tournament is not that big actually it’s the opposite. It concludes of 5 entrees only.
So if someone enters this Tourney and their the fifth entree you can’t post 5 seconds later
''can I please join this tournament if not too late.''

This isn’t any kind of special extravagant tournament it’s just a small
fun tournament ran the way FFR tournaments use to be ( I THINK )
and what a mean by that is
1.You sign up
2.When all sign ups enter I pick song
3.I post the song
4.You post your best score
5.If you get an AAA I put AAA next to your name but if you don’t and
your score looks like this 1234/12/1/0/9 ……… Per/goods/avg/mis/boo
It would be next to your name
like 12/1/0/9…….Just showing goods/avg/mis/boo

When everyone enters their score and let’s just say 4 people get an AAA and the
other person gets a BF you would be under a red line and would have only until the
round ended to get a better score to not get eliminated.

There will be no tiebreakers so if everyone AAA’s a round everyone advances or if
3 people AAA and 2 don’t we would not have a tiebreaker for the 3 only the 2
would be in danger.

Since we don’t have tiebreakers I don’t know when this tournament will end but it
will be 4-7 rounds. And since we will only have five people we will have 24 hour rounds.


Round length-24 hours

Round starts-

Round ends-


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Default Re: Masters/Guru TOURNAMENT

The sign ups end tomorro at 12:00 pm eastern time unless we get all sign ups before that.

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Default Re: Masters/Guru TOURNAMENT

Kinda looks like a Tyler tournament to me...but what do I know ~shrug~
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Default Re: Masters/Guru TOURNAMENT

Stop making tournaments.
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Default Re: Masters/Guru TOURNAMENT

to finalize this.... i currently do not have an issue with you being back on the site. but i do still have an issue with you making tournaments.
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